The new school year begins…

Wow, alot has happenned since last year.  We now have 5 more ipads in the  ipad cart, all the teachers have been given ipads, and more and more students are bringing in their own devices included laptops and tablets. More and more apps are coming out every day. and are both helpful sites. Google Drive is a great new app which will make using google docs and the ipads much more seemless.

We are also very excited to have started a Technology Help Desk. The Student Technology Internship is a hands-on study of technology operation and integration in a school setting. Students will be required to assess problems and define the best approach to addressing the problem.  In addition to working with students and teachers, student interns may be required to complete and maintain ongoing projects that address problems or solutions in educational technology integration.  

I am excited about this endeavor and I think that it will prove beneficial to technology staff, the faculty, and the students.