Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school everyone. I hope that you all had a wonderful summer and that you had time to read.  I read a variety of books in both print and electronically using my Kindle App on my Ipad.  I did find that when I read in print, I was less distracted and read faster.  While on the Ipad, I was more tempted to read email,  check Word with Friends, or surf the internet.

The library has been quite busy. We now have two netbook carts, a laptop cart, and an Ipad cart.  We still have Kindles to check out.  If you would like one, come get a Kindle permission form. New this year, we will be lending netbooks out to responsible students who want to take them back to their study halls to work.  Also, if you have a device, laptop or tablet, feel free (speak with Mr. Cleary or Mr. Cyr for approval) to bring it in to work during study hall.

Also, if you have a smart phone or tablet, download the app, Access my library (the green one) and you will have access to all our library online databases and e-books.

Any problems with logging into either the school network or Edline, please come speak with me.

Ms. Alpert