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How to Check Out a Kindle

Ms. Janice Alpert Lynnfield High School Library

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We are very excited about the debut of our Kindle Project at LHS. We currently have three Kindles and hopefully will acquire more. The Kindles may be used at home and at school.
This will be the process for checking out a Kindle.

1. You will need to come to the library media center to get a Kindle Checkout Form. You can also print it out from the library Kindle Project Page. This form will need to be read carefully and then signed by both you and a legal guardian before we can circulate the Kindle to you. Please note that all overdues and obligations must be cleared before we can loan you a Kindle.

2. After the form is returned, we will place you on the waiting list; we will notify you through your first period teacher that the Kindle is ready for you to checkout. Either Ms. Alpert or Ms. Fleming will give you a quick lesson on how to use the Kindle so you feel comfortable.

3. If there are specific titles you want, you can also complete a Kindle Book request form available in the library and on the Kindle Project Page; we will do our best to accommodate all Kindle book purchase requests for students. You can browse the Kindle ebook store to see if the book you want is available for the library to purchase in Kindle format.

4. The loan period will be for one week.

5. When you return the Kindle, we will ask you to complete a short survey and an optional video interview about your Kindle reading experience.

If you have any questions,please come to the library media center or email Ms. Alpert at alpertj@lynnfield.k12.ma.us

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1 Comment

  1. Ms. Fleming says:

    I love my kindle. I encourage you to give it a try.

    Ms. Fleming

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